Dawammy privacy policy

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First of all Dawammy has deeply concern about your privacy and take it as priority . This policy aim to introduce to you how dawammy dealing with your data in term of store , use , publish , share and transfer before access by the websites and any services by dawammy. Please carefully read dawammy privacy policy , once you start o use dawammy services that means you are accept dawammy privacy policy and this give dawammy permission to store, publish, share and transfer your data according to dawammy privacy policy. In case of any condition or term need to be completed or modify dawammy has right to add , edit or cancel this policy at any time and publish the new policy at formal website , this modified or new policy apply once it published . dawammy privacy policy do not include all of expected process to your data and for this dawammy must declare or inform for supplementary policy connected to your data.

1 - Data collected when using dawammy services

according to purpose and manner mentioned in this policy dawammy has be collect personal and impersonal data . this personal data refer to normal person and clearly specify the normal person ,for example but not limited name , birth date ,email, phone number ,box office ,payment information , video , browser contain your personal data and any related data lead to impersonal data . also data related to telecommunication company and not about it include occupation , language serial number , data to access your wallet automatically and the unique identifier of your cell phone , but this not include the video content where the personal data and the system logo of mobile devices and software program and device data. The above details mentioned here about personal and impersonal data for standard differentiation dawammy do not store collected data in separated.

2 - Collection method
  1. When you are registered for dawammy account or activate product /service that means you voluntary give data to connect with customer service to your account , dawammy require device data which include model of product , serial number and type of browser .
  2. You must introduce detailed personal and impersonal data to ensure it correct and verified when you start commercial deal with dawammy .
  3. We need to access your account data to be ensure of ID and your product when you ask for technical support after email us , calling after sale services or use any of our support tools .
  4. Dawammy has right to access your data for third part or general sector and commercial part if it legal for purpose of improvement to better service
  5. Dawammy has right to access your data for third part or general sector and commercial part if it legal for purpose of improvement to better service.
  6. Importing your data to dawammy services when you use sound record or media related to products we saves the videos and sounds . also may be capture screen and attaches the data to email notification to analyze your status at time or ensure of it . dawammy transfer data throw your devices to notify you of anything happen.
3 - Services
  1. Initiation of request : delivering or activation or products approve or services, the modification or editing upon to your technical support requirements .
  2. Deliver to you the emails ,SMS and payment notification for promoting and advertising for dawammy products and services and any important notification (include reminder and notification for technical update , warring , support , administration publishing advertising of service and any other news). Form the importance of communication between you and dawammy , you cannot canceling receiving the notification mentioned above.
  3. Begging of internal testing and data analysis and searching to improve our services or products.
  4. Analyzing commercial operations efficiency and assessment of market share .
  5. Investigate in mistake when deliver wrong details.
  6. Synchronizing , share and store data which loaded or downloaded and prepare the required data for upload and download.
  7. Improving our products and updates .
  8. Submission to legal requirements enforced and apply it and industrial standers related and our policy. Dawmmy also may collect and use impersonal data for purpose of improvement our services and meet our customer need in perfect way , independently decided to collect undefined data or use it , process or transfer or reviewed for any other purpose.
4 - The sharing
  1. According to our services , we must share data and information related to dawammy and other company connected to.
  2. In case of dawammy named service provider or technician belong to other company or third parties we share related data with them , regardless the purposes above for protect your personal data, the parties will not be allowed to use the your data.
  3. Dawammy may share your personal data with enforce law authorities or governmental authorities upon their request.
  4. If dawammy sales or transfer property totally or partially your data would be sold or transfer as part property.
  5. Also we share your necessary data without any violation to legal regulation of dawammy with Activates against crime including tests or activities against accusation or for dawammy administrative work .
5 - Editing data

where data is correct and verified to use dawammy must maintain your personal data accuracy and safety , and updating personal data at right time enforce related laws and regulations .

You have right to :

  1. Have permission to your personal data in dawammy system.
  2. Asking for update or correcting your personal data .
  3. Cancel any delegation to use your data
  4. Requesting deleting your data

According to some techniques of our services after deleting any data , may temporarily archived your data before permanently deleted .while you have account or dawammy deliver service to you the your data will in system and may use for financial and legal purposes until it’s been closed.

6 - Personal data protection

Dawammy has deeply concern about your personal data protection and safety , in case of hacking or any way your data displayed or discovered by any reasons uncontrollable and not related and connected to dawammy you agree that no responsibility for any consequences . If you have any question about dawammy safety service you can contact us throw phone or email that attached to technical support information in your country.

7-Minor data protection

Dawammy do not deliver any service to minor . If there is any account registered by minor or belong to dawammy will delete it or any other account connected to.

8-Management of globalized data

Dawammy is multiple nationality project , this means your personal data would be processed in country or region where your devices or services exist , or any country or region dawammy where work by own company branches or subcontractors and may visited by country mentioned in dawammy privacy policy .the laws and regulations for data protection may be differ from country to another in this circumstances dawammy will take arrangements to protected your data collected according to this privacy policy .

9 - Please Contact us if you have any question , comment or suggestion by email info@Dawammy.com.sa , dawammy appreciate any connection or feedback from you.